Call for solidarity with Egyptian activists


On 13 May, 2012, the Egyptian Court of Appeals will consider the sentence of two years imprisonment against four socialist militants and co-founding members of The Socialist Popular Alliance Party SPAP: Mohamed Atef, Mostafa Mohie Al-Din, Mostafa Shawky  and Mohamed Nagy, along with four other young men for participating in a demonstration in solidarity with Egyptian Copts against the New Years Eve 2011 attacks on the Church of the Two Saints in Alexandria that left more than 26 Copts dead.

On 3 January, 2011, the eight activists were arrested by Mubarak’s police, who made up invalid riot offences with illogical allegations, including that we beat dozens of soldiers; destroyed eleven armored vehicles and twenty microbuses; and smashed the sidewalk and lampposts!

The Misdemeanor Court judge decided to set us free, but the case continues. Although these offences occurred before the Jan25 revolution and the eight activists were subject to imprisonment at anytime, they did not hesitate to participate in the great Jan25 revolution against the repression and the dictatorship of Mubarak’s toppled regime.

After the revolution everyone assumed that the case was over, as the revolution presumably put an end to Mubarak’s police repression against the peaceful right to protest. We were shocked to find that the case is still ongoing. Then the shock turned into dismay when eight young men of the revolution were sentenced to two years imprisonment and 100 L.E bail.

It became clear that the Youth of Jan25 are now subject to collective punishment for their revolution and for demanding change, freedom and social justice. Remnants of Mubarak’s toppled regime are still in power and have started an open war against the revolution and its makers through ongoing repression against protests, strikes and social justice demands. They are using all kinds of brutal repression such as killing, kidnapping, military trials and finally, legal sentences.

The youth of the revolution in Egypt are calling all freedom fighters all over the world – militants, human rights activists, trade unions, pro-freedom parliamentarians and solidarity movement – to join their struggle to complete the revolution, assure freedom, and fight discrimination.

Hence we call on all freedom fighters everywhere to take action to support the youth of the Jan25 revolution:

Mostafa Mohie Al-Din

Mohamed Atef

Mostafa Shawky

Mohamed Nagy and their other four comrades seek your help against the sentence of imprisonment they are facing through:

* Official Statements by human rights organizations, solidarity movements, trade unions, NGO supporters.. etc to be submitted to the Egyptian government via the Egyptian embassies everywhere.

* Demonstration and protests infront of the Egyptian embassies everywhere.

* If columnists write about it in the newspapers, that would be great.

* Tweeting on #Masara for solidarity with @Atef_IS, @Mohie84, @shawkyalgenawy, @muhamadnagy and their comrades.

* Join the facebook page here

We are really keen on gaining your solidarity, to rescue eight revolutionaries from jail. Please support them to continue their struggle against the dictatorship and religious discrimination!

Hopefully we can make a strong optimistic introduction for a massive global solidarity and help for the Egyptian revolution and its youth.

Long Live the Revolution

Long Live Occupy Everywhere


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