A New Left in Peckham?

You may have heard about the new Anticapitalist Initiative. It is a recent project to bring together activists from the left, the social movements and rank and file trade unionists to discuss politics in a friendly environment, free from sectarianism and point-scoring, and to coordinate actions locally in a united way.

In South London a local group, the South London Anticapitalist Network, was set up earlier this year and has had several successful meetings so far as well as taking action against workfare in Brixton. Local groups have also been set up in East London, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds, with plans for groups in Bristol and Doncaster too. A national meeting of all the groups took place on 28 April.The South London group has held meetings in Lambeth and in Lewisham, so some of us thought it would be a good idea for activists living in Peckham to try to do something locally too.

We’d like to have an initial meeting to discuss what people think, with no preconceptions, and to see if we can agree to work together to build a strong and united campaigning left in Peckham. The idea is not to set up a rival to existing campaigns or political groups but to bring people together. The cuts and the downturn are hitting our area very hard, with rising unemployment, low pay, insecure casual jobs, cuts to services and benefits, racism and rising poverty. We think we could do more to build a strong independent resistance if we worked together. With this in mind we’d like to invite you to a meeting on Saturday 9 June, at 1pm until 3pm, on the second floor at  The Bussey Building, which you can access from Rye Lane in Peckham.

The Bussey Building is an old factory now being used as an art centre. There’s a video on you tube about how to find the Bussey Building.

We thought it would be best not to have a very fixed agenda but to begin with a discussion of the cuts and problems in the area and the state of the left and the movement, then go on to talk about how we might work together.

Please save the date and come along.

In solidarity,

Sharon Borthwick, Richard Brenner


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