South London meeting: Building the grassroots in the unions – 16 June


South London Anticapitalists Network are hosting a meeting on 16 June at Vida Walsh centre, Windrush square, to discuss the future of the trade union movement in Britain.

With millions of workers on strike in 2011 over cuts to public sector pensions by the government, we saw the leadership of several unions call off action and agree a deal with the government, despite the significant vote for action from members.

How did this happen? More importantly, how can we stop it from happening again?

People join unions because they want to fight for their rights at work and defend themselves against bullying and aggression from managers. Yet all too often union members are finding themselves victimised by their own union full timers when they try and call action. Some members have been drive out of the union because of this.

How can we stop this kind of thing from happening?

But there has also been really exciting developments in the union movement in recent times, including the rank and file led electricians (sparks) dispute which saw thousands of people get together and take action across the country, scoring a real victory over the construction companies who were trying to slash their wages.

What can we learn from disputes like this? Can we do it in other unions?

Come and meet with trade unionists and social movement activists from across south London to discuss the way forward for the unions and how we can get better organised to fight the cuts, jobs losses and austerity policies of the government.

Come to the Vida walsh centre
1-3pm, Saturday 16 June 2012

Tea and biscuits provided


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