Save Lambeth Women’s Project


Lambeth Save Our Services and South London anticapitalist activists joined a Quebec style demonstration banging pots and pans in Windrush Square on Thursday night, in protest at the threatened eviction of the Lambeth Women’s Project (LWP).

On the 1 June LWP was been given two weeks to leave its home of more than thirty years. Stockwell Primary School (SPS) have been managing the property for little over a year and their obstructive actions have made it increasingly difficult for LWP to carry out its activities. LWP has been delivering vital services and new opportunities for young girls and women (ages 0 – 19 yrs) in the London borough of Lambeth for nearly 35 years.

After years of negotiation regarding the use of the space that LWP has been operating from, Stockwell Primary School are reneging on agreements made and are behaving unreasonably with respect to the eviction they have served on LWP demanding they leave the premises within two weeks.

LWP suspects that the school is motivated by the desire to retain sole use of a refurbished listed building. Lambeth Council has washed their hands of it saying they are not responsible and only offering to put the LWPs equipment and archive in storage for a month!

The deeper issues at stake relate to the cessation of vital services being provided for young girls and women in an area of extensive poverty and deprivation, and which targets young girls and women across racial, class and disability lines.

Come and picket. Come and occupy. Come and help Lambeth Women’s Project stay where it belongs.

Don’t evict the Lambeth Women’s Project

Demonstrate: Evenings, Thursday 7th June to Saturday 9th June, 7pm to 8pm in Windrush Square Brixton

Discuss and Plan What Next: Sunday, 10th June, 5 PM at Lambeth Women’s Project, 166a Stockwell Road, SW9 9TQ

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