We need a strategy to win!


We need to talk strategy, argues Simon Hardy

The cuts continue at a relentless pace. Now Osborne has declared that he wants to wipe £10billion off the welfare bill in his desperate bid to end the welfare state in Britain.

The Tories feel confident they can press home their position. They want to rip up working class living standards, hammer our employment rights, make us work longer, slash benefits, and cut our services. All so the rich can benefit. No wonder their showing in the opinion polls has plummeted. There are millions of people who don’t want to live in the society that the Tories are bent on creating.

But the urgency of the situation is not matched by the response from the trade union leaders. The protest on 20 October is a good initiative, but it comes in the wake of a defeat in the pensions struggle and a total lack of vision from the TUC on the way forward.

Talk of class war is unpopular these days, but that is precisely what we are seeing happening – but it’s the bosses who are waging it and we’re losing. Our side don’t seem to have a strategy to win.

The recent discussions at the annual TUC conference about a possible general strike will never amount to anything unless there is more pressure from the base to make it happen.

Likewise unless there is a concerted push to unite public with private sector workers, as well as the unemployed, then we will only ever be fighting with one hand tied behind our backs.

The recent protest movements across the world have shown what is possible if we really stick to our guns and refuse to back down. This year students in Quebec brought down a government over plans to increase tuition fees. The Indignados movement – which is occupying town centres – in Spain is having a huge impact. In Greece the rise of the radical left coalition called SYRIZA shows there is real potential if we can unite and get our act together. This is not to mention the protests across the Arab world that have brought dictators to their knees and removed them from office.

This protest has to be the start of something more – and we shouldn’t be afraid to be angry and militant – we have a rotten government to bring down and a world to win!


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