Brighton meeting: the future of the Anticapitalist Initiative (ACI)


6.30pm Thursday 1 November
Fulton 112
University of Sussex

Facebook event

With the first national conference of the AntiCapitalist Initiative (ACI) taking place on the 2nd December, this week’s discussion will focus on what direction participants would like to see the organization will take. The December conference is a chance for each local group.

It comes a day after the exciting event we are doing in collaboration with a number of activist collectives – Up the Anti, Reclaim the Future.

In our case, the Brighton New Left Initiative, to voice their position on a number of policy platforms to be decided.

Of particular importance is the structure of the organization itself.

We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you want the ACI to become, and how we can turn it into more defined and recognizable movement. Should we retain the current autonomous structure that allows local groups to organise their own strategies and events? Should we move towards a more centralised system with the eventual goal of becoming a political party? How can the ACI involve local members at a more national level? These are just some of the many points of contention that are likely to arise at the December conference, so this is your opportunity to present ideas and voice opinions on the future direction of both the Brighton New Left Initiative and the ACI.



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