International Bolshevik Tendency resolution

The ACI is in no position to adopt statements of policy, however general. As a collection of groups and individuals with a wide range of political views, a priority from the beginning should have been to organise a lively culture of debate and discussion in which differing views could be aired and fought over, minds could be changed, and ideas developed. Despite much talk of openness, very little actual debate has taken place. Instead there has been a focus on show-piece events with visiting speakers, rather than debate among those involved in the day to day life of the ACI. In these circumstances, to adopt policy and imply agreement would be a sham.
The primary objective of the ACI should be to facilitate discussion among anti-capitalists with the objective of moving towards greater political clarity and agreement and the stronger forms of organisation that could result from such agreement. For a political organisation to act as a weapon in the hands of a working class aiming to take power, it must have a programme formed in debate and experience, both directly and in studying the history of class struggle and the lessons that can be applied to future tasks. The ACI is not this organisation and without a change in direction will do nothing to contribute to this process.

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