The unequal “war” between Israel and Palestine


As operation “pillar of defence” continues, the unequal nature of the conflict between Israel and Palestine becomes clear. The onslaught on Gaza was started even though there had been relatively little rocket fire in the preceding days, as this timeline of events demonstrates. It has also emerged that Habari was assassinated just hours after receiving a proposed ceasefire agreement from the Israeli government.

Since the attack began Israeli spokespeople have reiterated time and again that this is about “defending” Israel from aggressive rocket attacks from Gaza. Certainly, Palestinians in Gaza regularly fire missiles into southern Israel. They are carrying on their resistance against the Israeli state which has imprisoned them in Gaza, subject to a total blockade that deprives them of basic supplies.

Meanwhile Israel is continuing to build its “security fence”, a massive construction dubbed the ‘apartheid wall’ which cuts through Palestinian land in the West Bank and annexes more territory to Israel. Once completed it will be approximately 700km – some 560km longer than the infamous Berlin Wall that imprisoned the people of East Germany.

How to respond to these aggressive actions, in the face of an international community that continues to support Israel financially and militarily? Since the Palestinians have no army or air force with which to fight back their resistance is reduced to the relatively indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel. There is a list on wikipedia of the attacks by Palestinian “terrorists” here. Note the results of nearly every single missile fired into Israel – “no damage, no casualties”, “no injuries reported”, “No harm was caused” and so on. Clearly these actions are more symbolic than anything, a regular reminder that only a few miles from the apartment blocks of Israeli cities there are a people that are slowly being strangled to death by the Zionist state.

With a looming election in January the ruling Likud party have cynically launched this offensive to show the electorate they are “tough” on the Palestinians. But this is not a limited strike of a few rocket launching facilities. Their actions are much more murderous.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai was quoted in Haaretz newspaper saying that “the goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages… only then will Israel be calm for 40 years.” Of course, Israel will not be calm for 40 years as long as it continues to oppress the Palestinians, but at least Yishai and his colleagues can hope to win an election in a few weeks time, with votes paid for by the blood of Palestinian children and civilians.

But the cynical background to Operation Pillar of Defence is nothing new, most recent offensives against the Palestinian people have coincided with elections.

If Israelis were serious about ending the rocket fire then they would seek to alleviate the terrible conditions in Gaza, allow the Palestinians control over their borders, stop building the west bank apartheid wall and release the prisoners, many of whom are children who are abused and tortured by Israeli guards. As it is, like any colonial occupation force they understand only the logic of “security” and violence without end.

The mentality of the oppressors is clear by their obvious loathing for the Palestinians.

Usually when a war is begun, the military powers take great pains to hide their true feelings behind a smokescreen of official-speak and strange military jargon. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were conducted under an apparent concern for human rights and democracy, we were reminded regularly by western military and political figures that this was a humanitarian issue and the conflict an unfortunate but necessary way of resolving these problems. With the Israeli state at least their unbridled hatred of the Palestinians is clear.

The IDF twitter feed has not held back with regular threats and gloating whenever a strike is successful. This is the first war where the aggressors have live tweeted their actions on the popular social networking website and so far Twitter has done nothing about the threats and pro war messages coming out of the IDF headquarters. The Israeli establishment is glorifying its military’s capacity to inflict terrible damage and slaughter on an almost helpless people. After all, it was not too long ago when a senior Israeli government official threatened to inflict a holocaust on the Palestinian people.

“The more Qassam [rocket] fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah [holocaust] because we will use all our might to defend ourselves” Matan Vilnai. Israel’s deputy defence minister, 2008

Finally, several pictures are circulating on the internet which demonstrate the unequal nature of the conflict, below are some of the most informative of the unequal nature of the conflict.

Please join and the support the global solidarity demonstrations for the Palestinian people. 


Compare the damage done by Hamas rockets with Israeli state of the art weapons

From the British Guardian newspaper, the Palestinian woman on the left has lost her child to Israeli bombs. The Israeli women on the right has seen the damage done to her home by a rocket from Gaza.
Damage to property and loss of life is not equal in proportion.
The title of the Guardian article was called “Devastation on all sides”



  1. January 11, 2013 at 11:34 am · Reply

    Problem of conflict between Palestine and Israel

    Have you ever heard even though the Jewish people and the Palestinian people have different religions, they were originally from the same country and were good friends?

    This story was proved by “The ship of the Sun” which came out from the desert in Egypt. It is also proved because both the Jewish people and the Palestinian people have the same DNA.

    By Sennari Masuya

  2. April 22, 2013 at 6:22 pm · Reply

    Iran is a spring leader in saying that “those who walk and do under the influence of those who call them selves super powers” at the same time Iran is indeed in this bracket because it is under the influence of Rusia federation , China , North korea and palestain however much small and weak it is , for example worker can use his boss psycologically …so Iranians take care and think before you act and your acts are so discriminative unapreciative . it is not because i don’t like Iran but have come along following there view for both past and presence and there are the most who want things to be under there control ( little improvement makes them heaven) nice times

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