CAMP: A Working Group Proposal From Brighton New Left Initiative


A National Working Group on Culture, Arts, Media and Politics (CAMP) for the 2 December Conference

We propose establishing a National Working Group on Culture, Arts, Media and Politics (CAMP):

  • To provide greater co-ordination about how the ACI and local groups can engage artists and cultural producers in the struggle. This includes sharing of information, resources and ideas to build a coherent, progressive set of ideas about how making a post-capitalist society must include artists and cultural producers.
  • To make links and partnerships with pre-existent media (journals, online magazines, radio stations, documentary makers, etc.) that are sympathetic to the aims and ideas of the ACI
  • To ensure that the ACI is at the forefront of radical artistic and cultural practices in transforming both capitalist society and people’s consciousness- using art/culture as a critique against the system, as well as providing ideas for a progressive political and economic future.
  • To hold events through local groups and at a national level that provides a voice for left-wing artists, musicians, and writers.
  • To organise a Summer CAMP event that integrates talks, multimedia events, galleries, live music, digital media training
  • To  disseminate new political, economic and socio-cultural ideas/practices emerging from culture and the arts.
  • To use CAMP to engage new groups of people in the struggle. For example, using music to engage discontented groups in radical and left politics.
  • To develop ideas about new vernacular forms of political expression- engaging and providing a platform for those voices who have not been politicised through organized left movement or ideology.
  • To provide support for local groups in social media, artwork, copy-writing, producing material.
  • To develop and disseminate our own anticapitalist aesthetic through the production of artwork (e.g., re-making Picasso’s Guernica project currently being undertaken in the Brighton group)
  • To produce audio and visual material for the website

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