Debt and Finance: A Working Group Proposal From Brighton New Left Initiative


Proposal for a national working group on debt and finance for the ‘Get Organised’ 2 December conference.


Strike debt is a movement uniting debtors to challenge the power financial sector holds over our lives.

We hope to establish a group to work towards building the idea of debtors as political subjects.

Strike Debt came out of Occupy Wall Street and is currently running two initiatives:

Rolling Jubilee – A group that buys distressed debt for pennies on the dollar and writes it off. At the time of writing they have raised $162,729 to abolish $3,259,397 of debt.

Debtors’ Resistors Operating Manual– Aims to provide specific tactic for understanding and fighting against the debt system.

These are both well established, hugely exciting and successful movements and we hope to extend their thinking and organising to the UK. Currently there exists Strike Debt UK which is run by people from the Occupied Times. We hope a Strike Debt working group will work as part of SDUK, rather than setting up independently.


  • Educate ourselves about our position as debtors and citizens in a financialised political economy by sharing/producing media resources.


  • Take our education to local union branches to help spread the idea of a debtors’ identity, tools of resistance and learn how debt and financialisation is affecting union members


  • Host debtors assemblies


  • Host a talk by Sussex lecturer Samuel Knafo on methods of resistance in financialised capitalism


  • Join or start community education groups (like Citizen UK’s Money Mentors scheme) to help build financial literacy (in schools, religious organisations, community groups) and spread debtors’ identity


  • Start a Rolling Jubilee in UK


  • Explore how RJ could be linked to credit unions and peer-to-peer financing possibilities to build debtors institutions


  • Work towards a debt strike


  • Join with UKUncut to shut down Wonga?



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