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This is a draft submission to the Get Organised! ACI conference, but has missed the deadline so may not be discussed at conference itself

Anticapitalist Initiative Web Policy – Draft Proposal

The website is central to both representing the Anticapitalist Initiative and raising our profile.

Many people’s first contact with the Anticapitalist Initiative will be through the website. It also serves as a point of reference for those already familiar with the organisation: our supporters, sympathisers and critics. Finally, it is instrumental in building links with other activists, collectives and organisations.

In order to reflect the outward-facing nature of the website, our web policy should, firstly, work towards publishing on the basis of quality and originality. Poor articles reflect badly on the Anticapitalist Initiative as a whole. Secondly, our web policy should follow the ethos of the Anticapitalist Initiative: radical, open, non-discriminatory and non-dogmatic; unified but sensitive to difference.

Therefore we should encourage:

  • Commissions and submissions from various and wide ranging voices on the political left.
  • Articles that critically engage with current and relevant debates.
  • Original and high quality articles.

We should avoid:

  • Banal statements of the obvious, or rehashing old opinions and debates.
  • Long-winded tracts.
  • Re-posting articles that have already been published elsewhere. This should only be done in exceptional circumstances.

With these orienting principles in mind, we propose the following as our editorial policy to be published on the website under the ‘Submissions’ tab:

Submissions is a forum for debate from a range of radical viewpoints. We seek to link the big questions facing left politics today to practical action, campaigning and resistance to cuts and austerity.

The site is run on a day-to-day basis by an Editorial Board, staffed by volunteers, which works in accordance with the Editorial Policy and is accountable to the Anticapitalist Initiative’s democratic

structures. We encourage article submissions from all Anticapitalist Initiative supporters and others who wish to take part. Writers are strongly encouraged to submit a brief outline of their idea before writing to ensure the best chance of acceptance. Submissions will be considered on the basis of the Editorial Policy and may be edited.

Editorial Policy

A few key principles guide our Editorial Policy:

  • We have a radical political agenda and want to see fundamental and far reaching social change.
  • We oppose social oppression and discrimination in all its forms.
  • We promote frank but respectful debate.
  • We promote sharing of information, understanding, and practical collaboration.
  • We aim not to let theoretical differences prevent our common action.
  • We aim to publish high quality and original articles.

Notes for contributors

We welcome submissions for consideration on a wide range of topics within our Editorial Policy. We will consider the following types of article:

  • Opinion, comment and analysis.
  • Reports on current issues or events.
  • Interviews with individuals, organisations or collectives.
  • Book reviews.
  • Cultural reviews.
  • Multimedia/audio-visual submissions.

Submission style:

  • Most of our output will consist of short articles (not longer than 1000 words and usually much shorter). Longer articles will
  •  occasionally be commissioned from authors with a track record of producing high quality writing which demonstrably engages a wide audience.
  • Articles should be fully referenced. References should be presented as hyperlinks embedded in the article text, not as footnotes.
  • Hyperlinks should be either embedded or typed in full within squared brackets beside the word you want it to be attached to.
  • Please provide a short biography (no longer than two sentences) with your submission.

Editing process

When an article is proposed to the editorial board for publication we endeavour to give the speediest possible decision on publication.

  • The proposal will be circulated to all members of the Editorial Board.
  • The Board may discuss the proposal over email or Skype.
  • If the proposal is accepted, an editor will be assigned and the article will be commissioned from the author.
  • Prior to publication, the article will be subedited and proofread by a second Board member.

We seek to commission articles reflecting a range of views which speak to the principles of our Editorial Policy. Views expressed in articles are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor, the Editorial Board or the Anticapitalist Initiative. The Editorial Board will seek to ensure that articles express their authors’ views with clarity and coherence, but we will not alter the political viewpoint thus expressed.

We aim to make our articles as readable and accessible as possible, avoiding jargon. We aim to maintain a high standard and originality of output throughout the website. If a proposal falls outside our five point guidelines, or an article does not meet the requisite standards after having been edited, then we reserve the right not to commission or publish it. Sometimes we will post articles already published elsewhere, or co-publish in liaison with other sites, but in its majority our site content is written for publication on

Submissions should be sent to anticapitalistalternative [at] gmail [dot] com

– Drafted by Kerem and amended by web team 27 November 2012





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