Wealth inequality in the USA


This video shows the difference between perceptions of wealth in the US and the shocking reality.


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  1. March 5, 2013 at 11:27 pm · Reply

    This video appeared on the AFL-CIO NOW Web Site article:
    Working America: Wealth Inequality Is Much Worse Than You Think (and Congress Just Made It Worse). Here is my comment:

    The video illustrates how the U.S. capitalist economy is “successful” in rewarding the tiny capitalist class. The capitalist economy is owned, controlled and organized to maximize the wealth of capitalists by maximizing the profit of the corporations that they own.

    The capitalist beneficiaries of the capitalist economy uses every means possible, regardless of consequences to the bottom 99%, to promote the economic activities maximizes the wealth of the top 1%.

    But this video does not mention the barbaric results to humanity and to the planet:

    * Wars continue as vast profits are generated for the military-industrial complex.

    * Global warming, climate change, ecological devastation continues as privately owned toxic energy companies (oil, coal, gas, tar-sands, nuclear) produce profits, while destroying the planet.

    * Jobs are outsourced (capitalist globalization) causing impoverishment to tens of millions of unemployed. Jobs return to US when wages are cut to maximize US profits.

    * Health Care (Obamacare) maximizes costs,corporate profits, defeats Medicare-for-all.

    *Taxes on the 1% minimized, destroying public education, health care, public sector jobs.

    The video falsely suggests that “socialism” means simply an equal dollar amount of income for everyone and therefore a bad alternative to capitalism.

    * The toxic energy industries (oil, coal, gas, tar-sands, as well as nuclear) should be nationalized (socialized). These polluting industries must be placed under social ownership, democratic control and workers’ management in order to either shut them down or transition them to non-toxic energy resources. Global warming, climate change will continue unabated until private ownership of these toxic energy industries is ended.

    * Jobs, “living wage” jobs by the millions are needed immediately, but the capitalist economy, that maximizes profit to corporate owners, minimizes wages and benefits. Public sector jobs (teachers, postal workers, public health, infrastructure,etc.) must be restored and expanded to meet the economic needs of society.

    * Health Care must eliminate corporate profiteering to be universal, affordable, quality health care.

    * Taxes on the 1%, corporations, financial transactions, etc. must be massively restored. State Banks need to replace privately owned banks. The banks, the FED, nationalized.

    Why doesn’t the AFL-CIO help sponsor a nightly news, information program on PBS that informs the public with the information contained on this video? There is not a single program on mass media to challenge the anti-labor indoctrination of corporate sponsored programming. The AFL-CIO must fight back in mass media or continue to die.

    The AFL-CIO must break with the Democratic Party, stop supporting Obama, and start fighting politically for the economic needs of all working people, trade union organized and unorganized. A new Solidarity political party is needed.

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