Salford Rap collective release Hillsborough justice album


class actions rip up the sun

If it seemed like impact of the shocking, but also predictable revelations into the Hillsborough disaster and cover-up were going away, the establishment can think again.

Salford Rap collective Class Actions are releasing a free compilation album entitled ‘RIP up the Sun, R.I.P. the victims’ to raise awareness of the 1989 disaster and the subsequent campaign for justice.

The download brings together a mixture of music and poetry from football fans of different teams worldwide showing solidarity with the victims and their families – far more important than any football team rivalry.

Class Actions’ signature tune ‘RIP Up the Sun’ is included, which features a Youtube video shot around Liverpool with Liverpudlians ripping up the Sun. The track also features samples of Derek Coleman (a lifelong Liverpool fan).

The album also includes football anthem ‘No One Likes Us We Don’t Care’ by Mark Gorman and the Peoples’ Villain and a track by revolutionary Canadian Hip Hop act DISL Automatic.

Aslan AK from Classactions said: “It is common knowledge that the Sun newspaper lied about the Hillsborough disaster and it’s a pleasure to show solidarity with the 96 victims. I’m hoping that this compilation shows that all football fans and decent people must support the victims of Hillsborough and their families. Team rivalries mean nothing when human lives are lost.”

You can download the album at the Classactions Website


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  1. AFA Veteran
    April 9, 2013 at 1:08 pm · Reply

    Great track by Salford’s finest, love the comp!

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