Protest against the ‘March for England’ – Brighton


On Sunday the 21st of April the far-right group March for England (the name of both their group and event) will once again be marching through Brighton. MFE were one of the groups involved in the creation of the English defence league, they were instrumental in the organisation of the demonstration cum riot in Luton in 2009 from which the EDL were born. MFE operate within the general fascist/racist milieu inhabited by organisations such as the BNP, EDL, National front, casuals united, North West infidels etc. The organisers of MFE have been at pains to distance themselves publicly from the more notorious elements of the far right yet recent calls for unity among ‘patriots’ has seen the formation of the ‘south east alliance’ bringing together disenfranchised elements of the EDL with MFE and casuals united, a group who try to recruit and politicise members of football firms in the tradition of European fascist groups.

These calls for unity follow the protracted breakup of the EDL following internal fights, splits, disorganisation and the imprisonment of its unelected leader Tommy Robinson after he ironically travelled to the USA illegally. This crisis has been the result of the falling numbers at demonstrations and their inability to grow beyond their limited support base although in the climate of islamophobia following the war on terror and the current economic crisis this has not always been a granted. New formations such as the south east alliance are capable of growing in such a climate unless they are opposed as they were last year in Brighton where MFE were outnumbered 10 to 1 by local people and anti-fascists. Mass mobilization outside the usual circles of committed anti-fascists combined with mass direct action in the form of physically blocking the March route and kettling their end rally frustrated and demoralised MFE to the point where even they acknowledged the day as a defeat.

While it is important to target the roots of racism and bigotry in a society where hegemonic assumptions about immigration and the causes of unemployment are used by the ruling class to divide those who have a common interest in unity it is also important to tackle the more sinister political expressions which this division creates. For this reason anti-fascists in Brighton (Brighton and hove unite against fascism and Brighton anti-fascists) have created a vibrant campaign to politically isolate MFE and to confront them on the day. It is imperative that we show maximum solidarity on the day to further isolate their message of hate and division.

Assemble 11am Brighton pier Sunday 21st of April.



  1. Karen V
    April 29, 2013 at 9:32 pm · Reply

    Could you indulge a reader from across the pond and explain just briefly why you don’t think there’s a problem with Islamic extremism and creeping shariah in your country? From everything I’ve been reading in your country’s mainstream press, it looks as if quite a lot of people in the Muslim community are rather aggressively demanding that their way of life be catered-to even if that means displacing British culture and traditions, and your politicians don’t seem to be doing much about it. Do you think the problem is overstated?

    • Simon Hardy
      April 30, 2013 at 5:58 pm · Reply

      Don’t believe everything you read in the mainstream press. There is no creeping sharia, that is a far right fantasy. Every few months some inaccurate article is published claiming that a local council has had to “ban Christmas” because of “Muslims” – in each case these stories are false or gross distortions of what happened.

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