National Coordination minutes – 26/05/2013


1. People’s Assembly (local and national)

2. Left Unity

3. ISN and SR discussions / Youth and students event proposal 6th July

4. Fourth International youth camp

5. Manchester financial support

6. ACI paper / joint freesheet to PA

7. AOB


1. People’s Assembly

There was a discussion on the People’s Assembly, how it is developing and what comes after the event in June. ACI supporters will be in attending.

Luke C will look into the costs of a stall and book it if it is affordable. We can offer to share with ISN.

Simon H will contact ISN with details of the general criticisms the ACI NC has of the PA process.

2. Debate on LU

Lots of different views on Left Unity. We decided to clarify whether we can have a common position, we should actually write down the programme we would put forward for LU if we had the opportunity.

Chris S will start this process off.

3. ISN and SR discussions

General discussion on the proposed unity between ourselves SR and ISN and how they went. A lot of ACI members wanted to know more information about it and what the relationship was between the ACI, SR and ISN.

Dan F proposed amending Stuart K’s draft statement of principles. People encouraged to read and draft alternatives whether in whole or in part to the document.

Proposed a national ACI meeting on 6 July. Proposed to have it in London. Luke C to contact AH (SR) about SOAS room. We will invite observers from IOPS, Plan C, SR and IS Network.

Proposal for a joint activist meeting of ISN, ACI, SR in September (maybe Birmingham) to discuss political issues around the question of revolutionary unity.

There will be another unity discussion meeting on 7 July – local groups to send up to two delegates from each local group.

4. FI Youth camp

Agreed that we will subsidise contacts who cannot afford to attend. We will see how much individuals need but we will not be spend over £500 (a clarification of proposal in Luke’s message) that read:

Greece and Fourth International camp

This summer the Fourth International will hold their international youth camp in Greece. The ACI has recently entered discussions on unity at a local and co-ordinated national level with the ISN and SR (the Fourth International in Britain), and are also trying to draw IOPS into these discussions. SR have invited young members of the ACI and ISN to attend their summer camp and have kindly agreed to offer some financial support, given the costs of flights to Greece are steep. This can help develop the unity discussion process.

The ACI co-ordination welcomes this invitation to attend the camp. To encourage supporters to attend we will:

* Put an advert on the website advertising the camp and explaining how the ACI delegation will meet Greek activists involved in the fightback against austerity and fascism.

* Make a fund of £500 available to partially subsidise the flights of those who would not otherwise be able to attend the camp for financial reasons.

5. Finances

£220 approved for Manchester branch activities – £150 for bedroom tax campaign, £70 for Beyond the Fragments working group.

6. ACI paper / joint freesheet to PA

Manchester based working group has met and will seek to link up and include ISN and others. The paper will be produced in time for People’s Assembly and will have articles that focus on austerity and unity.

7. AOB

Construction of Web Forum given over to Josh D

Next steering meeting will take place online on Sunday 9 June at 6pm.


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