Manchester Memorial Protest for Clement Meric


On Tuesday June 11 around 80 anti-fascists took to the streets of Manchester to commemorate Clement Meric, a French anti-fascist activist recently killed on the streets of Paris by neo-Nazis. The event was called by Plan C and Manchester Anti Capitalist Action and supported by several organisations including the ACI, Feminist Fightback and the Anarchist Federation and given the short notice and that it was a week night the turnout was impressive.

Gathering at University Place, demonstrators held a series of banners proclaiming solidarity with Clement, his friends, family, and comrades, and calling on people to “Never Forgive, Never Forget.” After taking a few pictures of the gathered crowd and its signs to send to activists in Paris as a sign of solidarity, those present took to the streets in a spontaneous memorial demonstration. “Clement, Clement, ANTIFA” and “Alerta Antifascista” could be heard booming down Oxford Road. There was even time for a brief rendition of ‘Bella Ciao’.

At All-Saints Park a couple of short speeches were given. One activist talked about how the French fascist movement had capitalised on opposition to the gay marriage bill and managed to increase their street presence. Another mentioned how standing together as anti-fascists and opposing the rise of the far-right in the UK was the best way we could honour Clement’s memory. The speeches were followed by a minutes’ silence in respect to a fallen comrade.

It was a touching event, free from the petty-politicking and desperation to ‘brand’ everything, so common in the anti-fascist movement. Well done to the organisers and all those who attended.

La lutte continue.


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