Lord of the Bedroom Tax to face a storm of protest at Manchester housing conference


freud-img_Layout-1-picLord Freud, the Tory minister for welfare reform, will be greeted by angry tenants and their supporters when he speaks at the national Housing 2013 conference in Manchester on Thursday 27th June.

The Bedroom Tax is causing distress and anxiety across the North West. Tenants with no previous rent arrears now face additional demands for rent of up to £20 a week, to be paid out of income as low as £77 a week. Tenants are charged the Bedroom Tax if they are in receipt of welfare benefits, already set in law at the minimum required to live on.

‘To pay the Bedroom Tax would lead to malnutrition,’ says Mark Krantz, co ordinator of Greater Manchester Against the Bedroom Tax, the group organising the protest against the minister they call the ‘Lord of the Bedroom Tax.’

The Lord himself ‘under-occupies’ his eight bedroom mansion and made his fortune as a banker.

In contrast, Greater Manchester tenants have very different stories to tell.

“I sold all my mum’s jewellery to pay the Bedroom Tax. But now its all gone. I am not paying anymore” said Pat, a Southways Housing tenant.

“My son is serving in Afghanistan. The ‘spare rooms’ in my house are not spare. When he comes home he stays with me. My six grandchildren come over and stay. Why should I now pay extra to live in my own home?” said a grandmother from Bolton.

  • Lobby the landlords, Tues 25th June, 12pm, Manchester Central Exhibition Centre
  • Protest Lord Freud, Thursday 27th June, from 9am, Manchester Central Exhibition Centre

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