The Exchange Issue #1


Exfc1The Exchange Issue #1

This paper was put together by a working group from the Anti-Capitalist Initiative in Manchester. We looked to organisations and activists who we thought, through our own experience and work alongside them, had something distinctive, critical and productive to contribute on the question of how communist politics and organisation can go forwards. The capitalist system is still stuck in crisis, unable, yet, to find a way out – but the politics and organisation of the left, too, are suffering a long, ongoing crisis of their own. The exchanges here try to look to the problems of the left and wider social movements – to ask how we might go forward, how we might contribute to the enrichment and revival of communist ideas, and how our work, in the here and now, can help to develop the left as a strong and serious force.

Working group

Cat Rylance, Josh Davies, Rachel Twaites, Dan Edwards and Chris Strafford


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