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Why we need a universal basic income

by Andrew and Elliot, Thames Valley Plan C Since the 2008 financial crisis it has become increasingly impossible to survive on wage labour. In real terms, wages in the UK have declined by 5.5 percent since 2010; the fourth worst […]


Event: Global Uprisings/ Resistance: Turkey, Egypt and Brazil

The summer of 2013 was witness to a series of social uprisings and resistance movements across the globe. This meeting looks back on the events that took place in Turkey, Egypt and Brazil – their underlying causes, and what their […]


Stop fracking Balcombe – join the protests

Join the protests against Fracking in Balcombe

revo left

What kind of radical organisation?

A discussion about building a common revolutionary organisation, involving Socialist Resistance and the International Socialist Network, has begun. Here Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy introduce some principles to be debated in this ongoing process.

Obama vs Obama

Obama debates Obama on civil liberties

Presidential candidate Obama versus President Obama on civil liberties


Banksy’s Coca Cola ad

  Artist Karina Nurdinova took a quote from anonymous Graffiti artist Banksy and created a poster shaped like a Coca Cola advert. Banksy targets the advertisers, those people who are laughing at you, trying to demean you, make you feel […]


What’s happening with London Student? [Video]

The editor of London Student, is threatened with sacking by the University of London Union executive, this video examines some of the issues around the controversy

Demo 28 February 2013 2

Thoughts on the Sussex Occupation as Dead End

Members of the Queer (in) Crisis collective question the Sussex occupation and demos as empty forms and traditions, and discuss how to maintain the toxicity of protest. The current occupation at Sussex University is in its fifth week, with no […]

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