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Is there a new left reformist strategy today?

The North Star website has carried a two-part article by Gavin Mendel-Gleason and James O’Brien that sets out the case for a left reformist politics today. With the debates currently going on in Left Unity, and the phrase “We are […]

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The 1960s and the New Left

This upcoming event might be of interest to supporters and friends of the Anticapitalist Initiative The 1960s and the New Left MEETING AND DISCUSSION Saturday 1 February 1:30pm – 5pm Room 153, Birkbeck College, Malet Street, WC1E 7HX Entrance: £3/£5 […]


Where are we now? – Left Unity

When the Conservative-led government took power in 2010 it was met by thousands of angry and active youth on the streets. There was a sense that the struggle against austerity was about to take off. Even when the movement subsided […]


Viva I Ribelli: How the Italians besiege the government

Ed Bauer discusses political life in Italy


Revolutionary but how? Thoughts from 9 July 2013

Andrew Cooper reflects on what it means to be revolutionary after a joint ISN, SR and ACI event on 9 July 2013.


Taking steps towards revolutionary unity

This joint statement was agreed by the International Socialist Network, Anticapitalist Initiative, and Socialist Resistance delegations to recent unity talks. They met to discuss the formation of a united revolutionary tendency last weekend. Delegates from Socialist Resistance, the Anticapitalist Initiative […]

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Building a new revolutionary organisation

Stuart King makes some proposals for debate in the revolutionary unity process.

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What kind of radical organisation?

A discussion about building a common revolutionary organisation, involving Socialist Resistance and the International Socialist Network, has begun. Here Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy introduce some principles to be debated in this ongoing process.

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