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Liquidating Lies

Pham Binh, a Marxist based in the US, submitted this contribution to the debates around the new project, including recent criticisms from the Weekly Worker


Welcome to

The Anticapitalist Initiative was founded on 28 April 2012, bringing together activists from around the UK in a new network for united action and open debate. The Initiative is backed by activists involved in autonomous local groups in London, Leeds, Manchester and […]


How to organise against capitalism: networks or parties?

A contribution to the debate on organisation, by Dave Stockton


My hopes for a more inclusive movement

We need space for independent activists, writes Natalie Langford.


Ten reasons why we need a new anticapitalist alternative

Radical left must overcome decline and division.


The future international: socialists and the movement against capitalism

A contribution to debates on the future of the Left, submitted by Workers International Network

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