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Que Student Protests 20120822

The Exchange Issue #3

The third issue of The Exchange focuses on ongoing struggles to build effective resistance to austerity, and the attempts to build unity across the left. The exchanges here try to look to the problems of the left and wider social movements – to ask […]


The Exchange Issue #2

The second issue of The Exchange brings together a range of articles looking at the struggles we face against austerity and the issues we face building a movement of resistance. The exchanges here try to look to the problems of […]


The Exchange Issue #1

The Exchange Issue #1 This paper was put together by a working group from the Anti-Capitalist Initiative in Manchester. We looked to organisations and activists who we thought, through our own experience and work alongside them, had something distinctive, critical […]

Manchester Anticapitalist on October 20th, 2012

Developing a new anticapitalist movement

Statement from the ACI Get Organised! meeting on the 2 December


Debt and Finance: A Working Group Proposal From Brighton New Left Initiative

A proposal for a national working group on debt and finance by the Brighton New Left Initiative


New draft submissions guidelines for

This is a draft submission to the Get Organised! ACI conference, but has missed the deadline so may not be discussed at conference itself


Rules for Discussion & Decision-Making

Draft rules for discussion and decision making at Get Organised! ACI national conference


Amendment to proposal #2

This is an amendment from Luke Cooper to proposal 2 for the forthcoming Get Organised! ACI conference

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