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Another complex revolution

Luke Cooper traces the Ukrainian movement’s origins in the ‘city square’ movements – and looks at its potential to go from protest to power It is easily forgotten that the inspiration for the wave of ‘city square’ movements that swept […]


Viva I Ribelli: How the Italians besiege the government

Ed Bauer discusses political life in Italy


Support the Syrian people

A joint statement on the Western intervention in Syria, calling for continued support for the revolution, and opposition to Western intervention

feminism graffiti

Nadia de Mond: in women’s liberation the first step is self-consciousness

Luke Cooper spoke to Italian feminist activist Nadia de Mond

Muslim Brotherhood Attacked - 2013

Coup in Egypt: can the revolution survive?

Kieran Crowe reflects on the turn from revolution to counter-revolution in Egypt In all the great revolutions in history, any period of struggle against an old order is followed by an attempt by that very same order to roll it […]


Ankara’s Hidden Resistance

While the international media has focussed on Istanbul, Ankara’s month long street war with the police reveals a different side to Turkey’s protest movement. This geographical unevenness must be recognized, taken seriously and included in any visions for the future, […]

Istanbul consensus

Occupy And Resist: The New Politics of Turkey

On his return from Istanbul, Kerem Nisancioglu reflects on the similarities and differences between the Occupy movement and recent events in Turkey. Thousands of hands go up in the air, vigorously shaking. A small group starts cheering and clapping, only […]


Brazil’s Mega-Event Revolt: In Search of a Real ‘Legacy’

Matthew Richmond discusses the recent protests in Brazil and argues for the positive, if unexpected, social role of mega sporting events. As in other recent large-scale examples of urban unrest, the current protests in Brazil’s major cities bring together an […]

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