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Left Unity: A chaotic yet positive start

On Saturday 11 May, over 100 people attended the first meeting of Left Unity in central London. Delegates and volunteers came from across the country, representing dozens of groups big and small. Participants ranged from those in left organisations, political […]


Savar factory collapse is another corporate tragedy

A global system of production headed by corporate brands lies behind the latest tragedy in the garment industry, argues Ashok Kumar By early Thursday the toll had hit more than 1000 injured and 194 killed in Bangladesh’s latest garment factory disaster.  The […]

Margaret Thatcher at Chequers

The woman who went to war for her class

Margaret Thatcher is remembered fondly by Britain’s elite. Stuart King explains why.


Salford Rap collective release Hillsborough justice album

If it seemed like impact of the shocking, but also predictable revelations into the Hillsborough disaster and cover-up were going away, the establishment can think again. Salford Rap collective Class Actions are releasing a free compilation album entitled ‘RIP up […]


What’s happening with London Student? [Video]

The editor of London Student, is threatened with sacking by the University of London Union executive, this video examines some of the issues around the controversy


Ten years after the invasion of Iraq: war with Iran?

Alon Aviram looks at today’s threats against Iran ten years after the catastrophic invasion of Iraq “Don’t repeat the Iraq war with Iran” said Hans Blix bluntly at a recent press conference in Dubai. Lest we forget, Blix is the […]


Thousands march to defend Whittington Hospital

James Drummond reports on the campaign to save the Whittington


Thoughts on the Sussex Occupation as Dead End

Members of the Queer (in) Crisis collective question the Sussex occupation and demos as empty forms and traditions, and discuss how to maintain the toxicity of protest. The current occupation at Sussex University is in its fifth week, with no […]

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