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National Coordination minutes – 26/05/2013

1. People’s Assembly (local and national) 2. Left Unity 3. ISN and SR discussions / Youth and students event proposal 6th July 4. Fourth International youth camp 5. Manchester financial support 6. ACI paper / joint freesheet to PA 7. […]


Platform proposal #4

List of principles proposed by John Keeley from The Commune.


Platform proposal #3

Document proposed by Strafford, C Rylance, S Rylance, Allan and Twaites


Amendments to Platform proposal #1

Amendments proposed by Stuart King, drawing on the original and some of the other proposals


International Bolshevik Tendency resolution

Proposal by the IBT for Get Organised! Conference


Platform proposal #2

“The ACI is a network that enables anti-capitalist activists to debate current political issues. Where possible it aims to unite these activists to fight for against capitalism, for the interests of working people, the unemployed and the oppressed”.


Speeches from Debating the Case of Julian Assange meeting

Transcripts to speeches by Thompson and Baker at last Anticapitalist Initiative London meeting


Platform proposal #1

Draft statement from December conference
[Proposed by Simon Hardy]

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