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Challenging Police Harrassment and Racism: The Northern Police Monitoring Project

This piece from The Northern Police Monitoring Project talks about why they were set up and what they’re doing. Stephen Lawrence, Surveillance of Communities, Deaths in Custody, Sean Rigg, Harassment and brutality, Agent Provocateurs, Christopher Alder, Delegitimising and Slandering Community […]


Interviewing Media Diversity

I meet Samantha Asumadu briefly after a demonstration. She apologises for not being able to meet me earlier, but she had articles to edit and publish. She’s a lively, extremely articulate woman, who has an impressive curriculum in film-making and […]

EVF demonstration

Fascists outnumbered in Croydon

Fascist splinter group, EVF, finds itself outnumbered in Croydon during a demonstration outside UKBA.

Clement Meric

Manchester Memorial Protest for Clement Meric

On Tuesday June 11 around 80 anti-fascists took to the streets of Manchester to commemorate Clement Meric, a French anti-fascist activist recently killed on the streets of Paris by neo-Nazis. The event was called by Plan C and Manchester Anti Capitalist […]


Manchester anti-EDL demo: not a great day for anti-fascism

Yesterday saw members of the EDL and anti-fascists face off at Manchester’s Cenotaph as the far-right attempted to capitalise on the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. We began the day with a rally by the cenotaph, which was surrounded by […]


Riots in Stockholm: Symptom of unjust and racist society we call Sweden

Over the 18/19 May, and subsequently the following week, riots in a suburb in Stockholm caused world attention in the media. Cars where set on fire, and groups of young people clashed with the police in scenes that reminded of […]

Woolwich street attack

After Woolwich: The racist backlash

Racists are cynically abusing what happened in Woolwich, writes Andy Carrington


Woolwich’s bloody spectacle

Michel Foucault teaches us in his 1970s lectures that we need to distinguish between two forms of rule over populations: discipline and control. Discipline seeks to normalise individuals in a way that their conduct becomes foreseeable and ‘normal’. It achieves this through devices […]

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