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Combat alienation with alienated forms?

As a supporter of the Anti-Capitalist Initiative I often speak about unifying the left and “pluralism”, but often it feels as if we are going through the motions, spouting ‘progressive’ (as in more progressive than the groups we have been […]

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Building a new revolutionary organisation

Stuart King makes some proposals for debate in the revolutionary unity process.

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What kind of radical organisation?

A discussion about building a common revolutionary organisation, involving Socialist Resistance and the International Socialist Network, has begun. Here Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy introduce some principles to be debated in this ongoing process.


On the path to a service economy: made in post-China™

Ashok Kumar and Alex Gawenda look at the implications of China’s rise for the organisation of global production and the labour force


Re-assessing Anticapitalist “Internationalism”

Just a few of weeks ago, we were devastated (but not wholly surprised) to hear of yet another tragic disaster taking place in Bangladesh. I’m talking of course, about the collapse of textiles factory in a district of Dhaka, the […]


The Financial Crisis and the War for Global Governance

Prof Kees Van Der Pijl, in this exclusive article, explains the links between finance and the US military-industrial complex in the changes associated with neoliberalism. These consist in the projection of global governance by the West, assured by military build-up, […]

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Beyond Leninism?

Luke Cooper argues that the rejection of political plurality contributed to the collapse of the Russian Revolution into authoritarianism Today’s radical left has participated energetically in diverse social movements, yet it has not been able to translate this experience into […]

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Thoughts on the Sussex Occupation as Dead End

Members of the Queer (in) Crisis collective question the Sussex occupation and demos as empty forms and traditions, and discuss how to maintain the toxicity of protest. The current occupation at Sussex University is in its fifth week, with no […]

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