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Can The Market Speak? And should we speak to it?

Jesssica Winterson reviews  Can The Market Speak? by Campbell Jones, soon to be published by Zero Books.   According to Olivier Blanchard, Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund, ‘the markets have become sceptical about the ability of policy makers, […]


The problem of ‘monopoly in the sphere of politics’

Simon Hardy reflects upon the post-war collapse of the radical left


The forgotten legacies of Bolshevism

Is a democratic ‘Leninism’ possible, asks Simon Hardy


Capitalism Realism: Challenges for the Left (talk)

Listen now to Simon Hardy and Luke Cooper at HM 2012

Painting by James Hayllar

Bankers and regulators: soulmates or one‑night stand?

Capitalism and the law have a sordid past


The long shadow of Stalinism

Where does socialism fit into the world after 1989, asks Simon Hardy


Theory as History – Jairus Banaji’s contribution to Marxism

Kerem Nisancioglu reviews Jairus Banaji’s Theory as History (2011)

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