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What are the lessons from the Miners’ Strike 30 years on?

Archived government papers from 1984, many personally annotated by Margaret Thatcher, have been released recently under the ‘thirty-year rule’, which allows some state secrets to be made public when the authorities deem it safe to do so. Unsurprisingly, they prove […]

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Southwark Fire Station shut down by Boris

As the Southwark Fire Station started its last day, locals and supporters assembled this morning in solidarity with the firefighter’s struggle, Joana Ramiro reports.


Looking back in anger – The Miners’ Strike 30 years on

With new papers released by the National Archives about the Miners’ Strike the Anticapitalist Initiative’s Chris Strafford caught up with Harry Paterson, author of the upcoming book Look Back in Anger: The Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire 30 years on, to discuss […]

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Why we need a universal basic income

by Andrew and Elliot, Thames Valley Plan C Since the 2008 financial crisis it has become increasingly impossible to survive on wage labour. In real terms, wages in the UK have declined by 5.5 percent since 2010; the fourth worst […]

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The People’s Assembly: what might ‘building from below’ really mean?

Luke Cooper discusses the potential and pitfalls of this Saturday’s People’s Assembly Against Austerity The People’s Assembly has resulted in a considerable bout of energetic debate on the British left, ranging from the super-supportive, to the cynically-critical, and those, on […]

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‘No2EU’ revisited: unpicking the arguments of British left nationalism

Natalie Silverstein critiques the policies and arguments of No2EU

A protest at the London Fire Authority meeting

The campaign to save London Fire Stations

Stuart King reports on a struggle that pits Boris Johnson against the London Fire Authority, the FBU and local communities across London


Some critical comments on Unite the Resistance

Dan Jeffrey discusses his experience of the Unite the Resistance steering committee in 2012 Since the crisis hit in 2008 I have been involved with various anti-cuts initiatives and trade union campaigns, from the National Shop Stewards Network, to the […]

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