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Unite Community Membership: new approach to fighting back

John Bowman reports


The truth about squatting and empty properties

Banning squatting will worsen social crisis, argues Simon Hardy

Paralmypic sprinter at London 2012

Paralympics sheds light on government’s Remploy hypocrisy

Praise for Paralympians rings hollow amid attacks on disabled


The rise of absolute poverty in Britain

Austerity is exacting a terrible toll on Britain, argues John Bowman


Woodberry Down in Hackney: how ‘regeneration’ is tearing up another east London community

Koos Couvée on the victims of gentrification


Five Ring Circus: the London 2012 experience

Stop the Olympic Missiles explains the horrific consequences of the Olympic Games in East London.


Protest rains down on Atos in Manchester

Dan Edwards reports on the first of a series of protests

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