Get Organised! ACI Conference


11 – 5pm 2 December 2012 
University of London Union
Malet Street  

On the 2 December supporters of the Anticapitalist Initiative are organising Get Organised! a one-day conference to discuss how to develop the project into the new year. Participants in the initiative will discuss the direction they would like to see the organisation will take.

The December conference is a chance for each local group to voice their position on a number of policy platforms to be decided. Of particular importance is the structure of the organisation itself.

We want to gather the widest possible opinion on what you want the ACI to become, and how we can turn it into more defined and recognisable movement. Should we retain the current autonomous structure that allows local groups to organise their own strategies and events? How much coordination do we need – what should the balance between coordination and autonomy be? How can the ACI involve local members at a more national level? These are just some of the many points of contention that are likely to arise at the December conference, local groups will organise meetings so supporters can present ideas and voice opinions on the future direction of the organisation.

Sessions include –

* What future and direction for the Anticapitalist Initiative? How should we organise? 
* Practical organising – building trade unions and community anti-cuts struggle 
* An autonomous project to launch a new Marxist magazine
* How did Up the Anti go? A discussion with co-sponsors
* Proposals and motions  

It will take place at the University of London Union (ULU), Malet Street, from 11am to 5pm.

Because we are an open, grassroots project, we will publish proposals to the conference on this website as they come in.

To make a proposal contact us at [email protected] no later than the 17 November.

Amendments to the documents can be submitted by 24 November.

More details on practicalities, costs and timetable will also be posted up as they are agreed by the ACI national coordination.


Platform Proposal #1 – Simon Hardy
Platform Proposal #2 – Bill Jeffries
International Bolshevik Tendency Resolution
Amendments to Platform Proposal #1 – Stuart King
Platform Proposal #3 – Cat Rylance
Platform Proposal #4 – John Keeley
CAMP: A Working Group Proposal – Brighton New Left Initiative
More Unity: A Statement – Brighton New Left Initiative
Amendment to Platform Proposal #2 – Luke Cooper
Rules for Discussion & Decision-Making
New draft submissions guidelines for
Debt and Finance: A Working Group Proposal – Brighton New Left Initiative