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Our editorial policy in a nutshell has an open editorial policy. We see our site as a forum to encourage debate from a range of radical viewpoints and to link the “big questions” facing left wing politics today to practical action, campaigning and resistance to cuts and austerity.

Our editorial board is staffed by volunteers who are prepared to commit time to running the site on a day-to-day basis.

A few key principles guide our editorial policy:

1. We have a radical political agenda and want to see fundamental and far reaching social change
2. We oppose social oppression and discrimination in all its forms
3. We promote frank but respectful debate
4. We promote sharing of information, understanding, and finding practical collaboration
5. We aspire not to let theoretical differences prevent our common action

When an article is submitted for publication to the editorial board we endeavour to give the speediest possible decision on publication.

1. The article will be circulated to all members of the web team.
2. It is collectively discussed over email or skype.
3. Then passed to a reviewer / editor.
4. Prior to publication, it will then be given a sub-edit and proof by another team member.

We consult authors at every stage of this process and never publish edited drafts without their permission.

We do not “politically edit” or “veto” articles, but we insist on respectful debate. If an article falls outside our five point guidelines, or does not meet the requisite journalistic standards after having been edited, then we reserve the right not to publish it. Sometimes we will post articles already published elsewhere, or co-publish in liaison with other sites, but in its majority our site content is written for publication on

The published articles do not necessarily reflect the views of Anticapitalist Initiative but the named authors.

Submissions should be sent to anticapitalistalternative [at] gmail [dot] com