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It probably goes without saying that the Anticapitalist Initiative doesn’t have big business backers or an army of employees to do what we do. Instead the ACI relies on the time and money that supporters contribute to grow, develop and reach our goals.┬áBeing a supporter doesn’t mean signing up to a long list of policies, giving away your freedom of speech, or submitting to a top-down regime.

Supporters of the ACI are added to our national e-list, take part in the development of the organisation and are kept in the loop about all of our discussions. They help the intiative with their time, money or in whatever way they can.

If you support the broad aims of the initiative, and want to become a supporter, please fill in the short form below.

It would really help the work of the Anticapitalist Initiative if you could make a regular donation, however small it might be. Sadly, we still live under capitalism and campaigning costs money.

To do so, set up a standing order to the following account:

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