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Women’s history in two books

Rachel Brooks reviews ‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker and ‘How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women’ by Lindsey German


The Financial Crisis and the War for Global Governance

Prof Kees Van Der Pijl, in this exclusive article, explains the links between finance and the US military-industrial complex in the changes associated with neoliberalism. These consist in the projection of global governance by the West, assured by military build-up, […]


Beyond Leninism?

Luke Cooper argues that the rejection of political plurality contributed to the collapse of the Russian Revolution into authoritarianism Today’s radical left has participated energetically in diverse social movements, yet it has not been able to translate this experience into […]


Video: Jairus Banaji on theory, neoliberalism, and the left

In the second of our Radical Voices interview series we spoke to Marxist scholar Jairus Banaji, author of “Theory as History”, about the impact of neoliberalism on every aspect of our lives, the role of theory in radical politics, and […]


Iran: crackdown on journalists as election nears

At least 14 journalists affiliated with reformist news outlets were arrested in Iran between 26 to 28 January  in the largest crackdown on the press since 2009, according to news reports. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Iranian authorities […]


Tax strike! Recalling the Poll Tax Revolt

James Drummond looks back on the revolt against Thatcher’s flat tax


The other side of the coin: Eric Hobsbawm as Eurocommunist

Even in death we must not forget Hobsbawm’s Stalinism, writes Stuart King

Painting by James Hayllar

Bankers and regulators: soulmates or one‑night stand?

Capitalism and the law have a sordid past

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