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Protests in Turkey – an Uprising or a Revolution?

John McSweeney reports from Turkey where protests are shaking the country since 28 May 2013. Kicked off  by the uprooting of Gezi Park near Taksim Square to make way for a shopping mall, protestors are now rallying and fighting against […]


The Financial Crisis and the War for Global Governance

Prof Kees Van Der Pijl, in this exclusive article, explains the links between finance and the US military-industrial complex in the changes associated with neoliberalism. These consist in the projection of global governance by the West, assured by military build-up, […]


Review: Revolting Subjects

Thom Tyerman reviews Imogen Tyler’s Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection and Resistance in Neoliberal Britain published by Zed Books Taking a wide variety of issues and cases Imogen Tyler provides a comprehensive analysis that displays with clarity the complex workings of neoliberal governmentality […]


The Crisis of European Centre-Left Parties

Aaron Peters and James Butler discuss the crisis of centre-left parties in Europe and the end of the ‘promise of social democracy’ with the depth and scale of the capitalist crisis, as the material basis for the traditional programme in […]

Margaret Thatcher at Chequers

The woman who went to war for her class

Margaret Thatcher is remembered fondly by Britain’s elite. Stuart King explains why.


Video: Zita Holbourne on racism, riots and resistance

In the third of our Radical Voices interview series we spoke to anti-racist activist, poet and trade unionist, Zita Holbourne, about the riots, activism, and the fightback against the cuts.  


Video: Jairus Banaji on theory, neoliberalism, and the left

In the second of our Radical Voices interview series we spoke to Marxist scholar Jairus Banaji, author of “Theory as History”, about the impact of neoliberalism on every aspect of our lives, the role of theory in radical politics, and […]


Sussex occupiers speak out! Interviews and speeches online

In collaboration with Radio Free Brighton we publish speeches and interviews with the still on-going (and growing in support) occupation of Bramber House at Sussex University. Below you can also see how the university management broke their silence and the […]

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