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The attack on Legal Aid and why it matters to activists

Network for Police Monitoring Lawyers Group explain why the government’s cuts to Legal Aid represent a catastrophic attack on the justice system


Iran: crackdown on journalists as election nears

At least 14 journalists affiliated with reformist news outlets were arrested in Iran between 26 to 28 January  in the largest crackdown on the press since 2009, according to news reports. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Iranian authorities […]


Police crackdown on critical mass protest

More heavy handed policing from the Met, writes Sean Ambler

New Scotland Yard

Harwood acquittal shows police can’t be reformed

Anti-democratic institution is designed to keep the masses in their place.


#justice4grainger: prospects for a mass national campaign

A campaign with the potential to build a movement, argues John Bowman


Five Ring Circus: the London 2012 experience

Stop the Olympic Missiles explains the horrific consequences of the Olympic Games in East London.


NATO protests – eyewitness report

Ashok Kumar reports from Chicago on protests against the Nato war machine


What happened to Anthony Grainger? Greater Manchester meeting on 28 May

Helen Hadfield, sister of Anthony’s partner will be speaking to Greater Manchester Anticapitalists

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