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The Exchange Issue #2

The second issue of The Exchange brings together a range of articles looking at the struggles we face against austerity and the issues we face building a movement of resistance. The exchanges here try to look to the problems of […]


Combat alienation with alienated forms?

As a supporter of the Anti-Capitalist Initiative I often speak about unifying the left and “pluralism”, but often it feels as if we are going through the motions, spouting ‘progressive’ (as in more progressive than the groups we have been […]

Margaret Thatcher at Chequers

The woman who went to war for her class

Margaret Thatcher is remembered fondly by Britain’s elite. Stuart King explains why.


Sainsbury’s trying something new today: privatising the NHS!

Protests at Sainbury’s taking place across South London, as the supermarket chain bids to take over sections of the NHS, Stuart King reports.


Sussex demonstrates again: no privatisation of our services

Report, photos and video from latest Sussex demonstration


Sussex Uni: 300 staff and students demonstrate

Staff and students rallied against planned privatisation of over 10% of campus jobs in Library Square this lunchtime.